The World is (a lot) Less Concrete Than You Think

November 1st, 2009 § 0 comments

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I had a conversation with someone last night that ended up trapped in my head for the entire night, even after meditating and staying in sarvangasana for fifteen minutes–a yoga pose which is supposed to clear your head!

I have this tendency to always suggest a thousand possibilities when someone asks me for the solution to a problem. (What about this, what about that?) I’m just not content to limit any thinking to one solution. There is never one solution, and most of the time the solution isn’t anywhere near where you thought it was.

Because the world isn’t concrete.

She was like ‘what do you mean?’ and I couldn’t answer, because it felt kind of self-explanatory. It’s not, I suppose, so I thought I’d try harder to explain

You know that the world isn’t concrete if you’ve ever:

  • Created a work of art out of nowhere.
  • Had a glimpse of universal consciousness.
  • Saw one of your ideas spread virally around the internet.
  • Got an amazing job without trying.
  • Stargazed in a rural field or beach.
  • Been part of a movement.
  • Realized that you’re the decisive element.
  • Concluded that there is no bottom of society to fall off of.
  • Found success that didn’t equal massive amounts of money.
  • Had a solution came to you in empty space.
  • Moved slower and accomplished more.

Nothing is for certain, and the world is changing at an incredible rate. The world that our parent’s lived in is gone. We can instantly communicate with hundreds of people simultaneously across the globe. When did any of the tried and true methods take that into account?

We now live in a post geographical society, and it’s time that we all started taking that into account. We can live anywhere, we can work anywhere, we can create anywhere. We can touch any person who is willing to be touched. We just have to be brave enough to reach out and share our ideas, no matter how unpopular they may be, they will find an audience because the audience is everyone now.

And this is your life, so why are you wasting it doing something that you don’t want to do? The audience is out there for your crazy ideas, you just have to get those ideas out of your head. Free the ideas, publish your ideas. Especially the crazy ones.

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