Minimalism is a Clear Mind

October 30th, 2009 § 0 comments

It’s Friday! Which means that it’s almost the weekend, for most of the working world. I want to leave you, at the end of this week, with one observation that I had this morning.

I was calmly walked towards the train, I noticed that my mind was exceptionally clear. I hope you’ll share this observation that I had with a friend, if you know someone that would understand.

Minimalism and meditation go hand in and with forming a clear and healthy mind.

Think about it: meditation is about taking your thoughts, sitting with them, and simplifying them until they no longer trouble you. Until your mind can sit still, you can release all of that psychobabble that the inside of your brain is constantly engaged in and let it all go.

This is why Buddhist monks renounce their possessions, so the brothers can meditate without worrying if they need to dust their television set off, or if they need organize their closet.

If you begin to live simpler, your mind will become calmer.

With less worry, you’ll get more done.

You’ll accomplish more, and feel more fulfilled.

By aspiring to live an existence at minimum level, we open a path for ourselves to achieve greatness and also to be free.

Have a safe and peaceful weekend, everyone.


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