The Minimalist Path to Liberation

January 1st, 2010 § 0 comments

Written by Everett Bogue | Follow me on Twitter

Far Beyond The Stars is a series of stories about how to achieve freedom. That much needs to be clear. When I write these stories, the immediate product may be a clean kitchen counter or an uncluttered schedule; the ultimate goal is a life where none of that matters anymore.

I believe were at a moment in time when we are poised to make a huge change in the way we humans inhabit our lives and our world.

We are on the verge of reclaiming our nomadic heritage.

After hundreds of years of having to settle, forced to rely on agriculture to sustain ourselves and then made to work in factories, we’re finally coming into an age where none of that matters anymore.

We can live anywhere, work from anywhere, and do whatever we like. We’ve broken mass media’s hold on our decisions, our idea production — any of us can start creating with a reasonable expectation that we will be able make a living from our passion.

This is what Timothy Ferriss wrote about in the 4 hour work week.

This is what Seth Godin wrote about in Tribes.

I’m living this life right now, and from what I’ve seen so far of the flexibility and the possibility for growth, it’s pretty awesome.

Chris Guillebeau is living this life

Tammy Strobel is living this life

Colin Wright is living this life

And countless others, too many to name.

You can live this life too.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone needs to pick up their roots and become a location independant worker or digital vagabond. That’s certainly not a requirement. That’s one end in this path to liberation, and it just happens to be my goal.

Your goals may be complete different, but the philosophy applies to everything. When we make the changes in our lives, when we summon the courage to break free of the chains of the material world, we can do anything.

Happy new year everyone.

I’d love to hear what your plans are for the new decade. Let us know in the comments, drop me an email, or find me on Twitter.

Thank you so much for being a part of this revolution.

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