Time Machines, Cyborgs, and the Evolution of Minimalism

January 21st, 2011 § 0 comments

Written by Everett Bogue | Follow me on Twitter.

January 21st 2011. Boulder, CO.

I love Mars Dorian, and I laughed when he said “What kind of pills did you slip into your muesli?” the other day when we were Skyping. While Mars and I aren’t exactly #ibcing yet, after the in-person Skype chat we were way closer to being on the same page.

It’s true, Far Beyond The Stars lately has been kind of well, far beyond the stars.

The content here has been what we meditators like to call delving deep. It’s a brief glance into the future which is now for a few of us — I’m a timelord, you’re stepping into my Tardis when you’re with me in this space (it’s bigger on the inside than it is on the out.)

I’m hoping that the content that I still post on this blog will bring you to a page where you can delve deeper into the work I’m doing using the Letter.ly or the new book I’m working on.

Gwen and I have been talking a lot lately about how we wish the Internet was more 4-dimensional. It needs the intelligence to spot a person who’s at the point in their lives where they really need a 5-ways to declutter your desk post and give it to them, instead of a deep philosophical piece on assimilating other cyborgs into the collective.

The truth is that my work moves, it changes, it evolves. Your work does and will too.

Unfortunately I can’t write simple posts about ultra-light travel anymore. If you want a great collection of those, The Art of Being Minimalist really sums up how to go minimalist from the human perspective (though cyborg eyes will glaze over at this point when they read the content that I wrote a year ago.)

My physical/mental/spiritual body has been evolving, it’s tapped into the exponential nature of technology, and so my cultural evolution is tethered to the rate of computer chip evolution. This evolution is quickly closing on something like a million to the power of a million times better than it was every year, just wait until we get exponentially accelerating quantum computer chips. How will you possibly understand me then if you aren’t on quantum-Twitter?


Minimalism was assimilated by the cyborgs.

This didn’t happen because cyborgs wanted to become minimalists, it’s because we the cyborgs didn’t know who we were when we became minimalists.

For eons humans only made physical tools, then all of a sudden we began to develop mental tools. This much is clear from Amber Case’s brilliant Ted Talk that you all should have watched by now.

Cyborgs are simply humans who made the shift from physical tools to mental tools. Eventually there will be enough cyborgs that we can call them humans again, and we’ll call people who still use physical tools something else.

I don’t want you to be called something else, so that’s why I keep telling you to get on Twitter.

When you develop mental tools, in a very short time you begin to realize that you don’t need your physical possessions anymore, so you kind of just let them go — it doesn’t hurt anymore. I saw this happen within a few weeks to Maren Kate after she went location independent when Zirtual was accepted into an incubator program in Palo Alto. She instantly shifted from physical tools to mental tools. Welcome to cyborgia Maren. :)

This doesn’t mean that minimalism never existed, just that there is much more depth under the idea that many of us previously imagined. I predict that a lot of minimalist websites in the next year (actually, probably a lot faster than that) will fold or move on to deeper topics as our own evolution progresses towards the future.

If you’re a minimalist blogger, it might be wise to quickly snag a URL that isn’t ‘minimalist-X’ before everyone evolves exponentially past what you’re writing about. However, be mindful of what your readers need. Mine need cyborgs right now, your readers might be in a different place than mine are.


As always, the deeper stuff is going to go on the Letter.ly. The blog is the surface, you have to commit to stepping into the time-machine.

Required reading on how cyborgs are using intuitive back channel #ibc by Jan Stewart.


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